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Ocean Sailing Charters

Ocean Sailing Charters and Boat Trips is a family owned and operated business, with a team of passionate people who have brought together their love for travel, fun, sailing, good food and wine!  Enjoy a magical sail on the Knysna lagoon, discover the Knysna Heads and explore the Indian Ocean.  Enjoy supping, fishing, swimming or snorkelling depending on the duration of your cruise and vessel chosen.  There is nothing that makes you feel more alive than breathing in the fresh ocean air while gazing out over the blue horizon with the sun on your skin. Step into our world and discover the difference.

Ocean Sailing Charters offers the 44ft. Ocean Rhythm, the stylish lagoon ‘champagne cruiser’ the Bella Vita as well as the flagship 55ft. LaraBella.  Each cruise takes a maximum of 12 pax, ensuring private luxury with a personal touch.

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